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Our Story

Thoughts turned up to action and led to the foundation stone of NextGen IT. NextGen IT was born out of the curiosity to explore multiple streams of science and technology with focus on diving into methods and process that run the world of IT. We are evolving each day with new thoughts turning up into actions, taking shapes and becoming more closer to reality. It is a personal blog by Dhirendra Mishra.

Our Vision

NextGen IT is driven by passion to explore the new methods and technology. Every day technology world is changing and human evolution is taking new forms and shapes! Our vision is to shape up the NextGen IT ahead in time to make human life easier and better.


Who is behind NextGEN IT?

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Dhirendra Mishra

Blogger, Author, Technology Evangelist

Dhirendra Mishra is a master’s graduate from BITS, Pilani and student at Stockholm University. He has 8+ Years of experience in Information and Technology with range of expertise in IT Strategy Design, Digital Transformation, IT Service Management,  Scrum Framework, Service Governance, Project and Delivery Management. He also finds interest in Poetry and writing with an inclination towards photography.

Let’s Explore what’s new in IT?

Knowledge is power and we believe in building a knowledge base to empower your decision making in your way ahead !

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