intelligent ITSM: Smart IT Service Management; possibility or still a thing of future?

One day I was having a coffee with my team after going through a high priority incident that could have been corrected if the respective team has noticed the pattern of errors from the server and drop in the performance of the application. I was wondering why can’t AI( Artificial intelligence), Machine learning or other Natural language Processing solve it for us. While I was daydreaming about changes being reviewed by bots based on risks and impacts. The bot is inviting respective stakeholders for an emergency CAB meeting and set agenda for discussion. While you may think I am over expecting from AI but if I can imagine, it is possible. That’s what William Arthur Ward has said in his famous quote. In this article, I will talk about intelligent ITSM (IT Service Management) and its possibilities with Artificial intelligence.

  1. Event Monitoring: We already have advanced monitoring and auto-detection and correction capabilities in the modern infrastructure. The only issue I noticed around day to day operation is to identify what to monitor and to what extent. AI and Machine learning will together make these definitions less complicated by analyzing the data from the applications and infrastructure components. Machine learning can suggest appropriate threshold values for alerts and AI can generate alarms, raise changes along with incidents for corrections.
  2. Service Request Fulfillment: Dependency on manual request ordering and fulfillment can decline significantly if access to a server is requested by a bot (like any other user) from a change module by requesting through Service Request fulfillment(SRF) and bot from SRF reviews the server access request and provides the access to server for duration of the change window. This will not only keep the access limited but also keep you compliant without any chances of human failures.
  3. Incident Management: Auto-detection and correction of incidents is not any more thing of the future. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have already been on top of this space to keep their systems more available and heal automatically. The day is not too far when we might need minimal human intervention to resolve incidents because the occurrence of incidents will be very rare.
  4. Service Asset and Configuration Management: The world of ITSM will revolve more around the need of strong CMDB (Configuration Management Database) that will be the backbone of all the process we talked above and will talk. AI can act only if we have the correct relationship of CI(Configuration items) and Services captured in CMDB.
  5. Change Management: Stonger CMDB will enable Change Management to have bots for Risk Assessment, dependency identification and suggestion to avoid the conflicts thereby supporting the user to plan changes more precisely and accurately. Combination of bots and automation will reduce today’s cumbersome and tedious task of administration around the process.
  6. Service Desk: Day is not too far when Google will launch its own Service Desk bots for handling all your customer calls and enabling faster resolutions.

I will wrap up this article with the insight into the impact of AI on six processes as it is an endless discussion of future ITSM that looks very bright with bots. ITSM is not dead, it is changing its form and body! Hope you liked my daydreaming that might be a reality in upcoming years.

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