IoT and the possibilities with Xlit

An Interaction with Daniel Sundelius, Founder & Co-Owner, Xlit Group AB

IoT is changing the phase of modern businesses and manufacturing sector under the fourth industrial revolution. Dhirendra Mishra, Tech Enthusiast, and Blogger got a chance to interact with Daniel Sundelius, Founder & Co-Owner, Xlit Group AB. Xlit is a leading name in high-performance IoT solutions, software, & related services domain. In the discussion, Daniel highlighted the potential of IoT for B2B and sustainable growth in the global market. Here are the excerpts of discussion that is penned down under NextGen IT:

NextGen IT: It will be great to know for our readers, what led to the foundation on Xlit? How the journey of Xlit started?

Daniel: I worked in India as Head of Ericsson Factory for more than 6 years and developed a strong perspective about potential in the Indian markets towards adopting innovative products and services. I was also overwhelmed by the level of the talents/human resources capabilities with-in the country. Sweden has been of the world leader in technology and innovation for many decades. We recognized the business opportunities towards transferring innovative technology, products, and services to India with the aim to contribute positively for the people, society and the environment. Xlit Group AB was founded in 2017 and started global businesses mainly in three areas:

  • Technical & Test Services,
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management Services and
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for monitoring and management of buildings and machines. Our IoT business has been mainly dedicated for Indian Market.

NextGen IT: What has contributed to the successful operation of Xlit in Indian Market?

Daniel: Xlit has partnered with Modio AB, which is a Swedish IoT development company, that has developed its IoT technology for more than six years, a technology which has been deployed in Europe, Africa and now in Asia. Xlit’s efforts towards IoT Technology Transfer to India was also accredited by Swedfund in Sweden and we received the funds from Swedfund to support the transfer.

Today, Xlit Sweden and India together with Modio AB have high competent team engaged in IoT Business with international experience (with great background of working with internationally reputed ICT Companies) and in-depth knowledge of the Indian market and an unparalleled expertise of IoT implementations ranging from connectivity, application enablement, devices, analytics, and management.

NextGen IT: What are the specialized IoT product domains of Xlit?

Daniel: We started IoT Business with a mission is to offer full-scale capabilities in IoT that meet customers’ requirements in focused segments. Our IoT Solution aims to reduce the energy consumption for utilities. Xlit’s IoT solutions are focused on monitoring and management of buildings and machines, enabling customers to make smarter decisions about utility distribution and consumption, lowering energy cost and increasing customer value.

Xlit is offering its IoT capabilities to the private sector, in the areas of factories and Warehouses / Data centers, Solar Panel Installations, Real Estate, and Facility Management. Current IoT installations in India are in warehousing and manufacturing, where energy/utility monitoring and control, as well as temperature and humidity monitoring, are being offered as a service. Though the IoT solution is versatile and could be applied to many different business applications, we have chosen to focus on areas we have good experience in from Sweden, and that is energy monitoring and BMS solutions.

In Sweden, Modio’s customer base is to a large extent housing association while its second-largest customer group is solar panel producers.

NextGen IT: It has been a really interesting discussion so far about the Xlit. I would like to know how you see the market for the next 5 years for IoT? Are there any new products you are planning under Xlit Group?

Daniel: Key trends emerging in IoT markets reveal that B2B businesses will be top adopters of IoT as they see three ways the IoT can improve efficiency by :

  1. Lowering operating costs,
  2. Increasing productivity, and
  3. Expanding to new markets or developing new product offerings.

From various published reports, we have seen predictions of more than 1 trillion connected devices by the end of 2025 generating over $6 trillion revenue from IoT solutions over the next five years. Our aim is to establish Xlit as a key player in IoT for the Indian market and we aim to establish valuable long-term customer relationships, relevant production and programming set-up related to our IoT business in India in next 3 to 5 years.

We are already utilizing Swedish innovation (using our network in Sweden with different Technology Partners, Universities and the Government) and putting efforts as well as investments in designing, developing & deploying new innovative products & services aimed to remove the day to day hindrances faced by the customers and adding value in their operations. We are also planning to expand our sales network, product & service delivery capabilities along with aftermarket support base in India to meet the future business expansion requirements.

NextGen IT: What are the top three motivational factors that kept you moving forward, even in difficult times while you were setting up Xlit?

Daniel: My biggest motivation has been the Xlit’s mission to do better for the people, the society and the environment. I also feel empowered and motivated with the transfer of technology and competence from Sweden to India which adds value in customer operations, supports the growth of Xlit, its employees & stakeholders.  Everything which supports me in achieving these objectives motivates me. I formed Xlit with bright minds who are passionate about success and invested a lot in the company’s success. This inspires me a lot. I have lived in India for more than 6 years which has developed emotional and personal connections eventually. I have been surrounded with the trusted and talented people in my team who are passionate, creative and possess amazing technical as well as business acumen and dedication towards the Xlit’s mission keeps me motivated all times.

What is the message to existing and future customers that are not utilizing the full potential of IoT and how XLIT can make a difference in their operation?

Daniel: XLIT’s unique Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is built on award-winning technology from Swedish company Modio AB. Value is offered by centralizing and consolidating operational data from multiple buildings, energy sources and machines through our product that results in better and faster analysis for developing control actions including alarms and pre-set automated responses. This, in turn, enables effective cross-utilization of asset performance with real-time maintenance management. It can produce predictive models of downtime and other operational data and building owners/managers and business-to-business (B2B) customers will be able to provide world-class experiences that give them an edge over the competition.

Our enterprise-grade hardware, connectivity and platforms transform businesses through the power of IoT. We reduce the complexity of connecting ‘things to apps’ with a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data.

Our IoT platform is available as a subscription-based cloud service or on premise installation.

Security is our foremost concern and consideration and hence our goal is to make the Internet of Things and embedded devices secure to use. We make sure that data exchanged among embedded devices and on the Internet is secured. We specialize in the management of embedded devices, their security, and deployment. Our solutions have a proven track record from Sweden, parts of Africa and India for energy monitoring and BMS. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from our customers across Sweden & India about our solutions that enabled them to perform data analysis to track the health status of their systems and buildings online, thereby managing and lowering their energy consumption. Our solutions are not only about advanced IoT but also a technology initiative in making positive impacts on the climate and energy challenges.

I am thankful to Daniel for taking out time from his busy schedule to give insight into Xlit and it’s future plans. Feel free to share the post and subscribe to our blog for the latest talks and trends in IT Industry.

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