Seven habits followed by smart netizens while web-browsing!

I still remember the days when I used to go to the cyber cafe for internet and get flooded with advertisement pop up’s on the screen. Well in those days we didn’t have easy access to internet neither the contents were too sensitive. By sensitive, I mean, internet usage for online payments in the ’90s and early 2000(2003-05). Neither we had Facebook or Instagram. Now, I may have recalled your memories of Myspace or Orkut.
My friend Zen* thinks that it is stupid of me to buy Norton’s antivirus subscription for my phone and laptop. Zen also thinks that it is wise to keep easy to remember passwords for emails. He is also a big fan of free WiFi while traveling. To make your internet experience more fun and secured, I have tried to unfold seven habits of smart internet user that you can adopt to have safe and secure browsing.
  1. Buying an antivirus is not waste of Money: In most of the hospitals, I have noticed wall-mounted boards saying “Caution is better than cure”. The reason I am referencing it here as being protected online is better than paying dollars to recover from ransomware attacks. Today we use mobile phones to click pictures of our loved ones and just imagine if someone gets access to those pictures or access to your emails in your phone or laptop! Scary! Isn’t it? So better be protected than to regret later!
  2. Forget your girlfriend or wife or kids names as part of your passwords: Zen is fond of using a mix of his Wife’s name and his kid’s initials in his passwords followed by 12345. Funny Isn’t it, How would I know? Well while having coffee He mistakenly reveals the combination of his password.  Well! Don’t repeat mistakes of Zen and never keep the passwords with ‘easy to recall as a priority’ but make passwords strong by using alphabets, numbers and special characters without your name initials or anyone close to you! Hacker’s are smart, so I expect you to be smarter than them while choosing your next password. Use Password manager’s from Google and Norton if you find it difficult to remember password. 
  3. Wise Netizens logs out of the websites that are not in use: Once Zen bought a new pair of shoes from a new online store and forgot to log out from the website. Next day when he woke up he saw a lot of credit card transactions! You guessed it right, his account was accessed by hackers and they ordered all heavy priced products. Smart hackers later deleted the account and it took a lot of efforts from Zen to pay his debts as the website was fake. So be a wise Netizen (internet user) and logout from the websites after using them and make sure you log in to the right website and not the similar lookalike sites.
  4. Don’t be fond of FREE WiFi: Be a smart user and don’t be like Zen who loves to do all the social media updates while traveling using the Free WiFi places. Your vacations can be spoiled if your photos go in wrong hands or if they become public that you may not like. It is better to wait until you reach home or hotel and do all the social media updates instead of providing hackers easy access to your phone while using the public free WiFi.
  5. Are you visiting a secured website? Zen is mostly careless about what kind of website he is visiting and does not even care if they are secured or not. Well, there is an easy way to have an antivirus or install at-least free antivirus (though I won’t recommend using the FREE versions). The next easy way to check if the website traffic is secured or not is to check ‘s’ after HTTP (HTTPS- Secured/HTTP- Not Secured).
  6. Don’t use Social Media after-party: Often we go to a party and post pictures to share with friends and family. Zen loves partying late night and always regrets next morning as he finds his posts inappropriate sometimes that he does not want to share to the public. Once he found that his friends used his phone to post his pictures through his phone to make some good fun moments but they were not ‘Fun’ moments for Zen. So make sure your phone is locked and Social Media is far away from your reach while partying.
  7. You can’t win a lottery you never bought and you can’t become a millionaire overnight: Zen is a smart guy but often he gets excited when he receives emails about Jobs offering extravagant salaries or Miss Zorpia, an attorney in some XYZ country wants to make him a partner in her firm.  I always come in between Zen and his millionaire dreams as I prove them fake and phishing emails. So mark such emails Spam in your emails and never open any attachments in such emails. 

I hope you enjoyed knowing Zen from so close and you won’t make mistakes that Zen did while using Free WiFi while traveling in excitement to upload pictures to social media or while buying his shoes online. Zen can not become a millionaire overnight and neither you. So get set to work on your dreams and I am eager to know what other habits you follow to remain protected while surfing online. Share, like and subscribe to my blog to get the latest buzz in Science and Technology.

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