Top 5 Challenges for Next Generation IT?

Technology is changing pretty fast. Human evoloution has taken a big leap with technology. In this article, I will be discussing what makes the next generation of IT challenging? Let’s discuss them one by one:

Automation/AI: Automation is need of hour but at the same time it is challenging and humongous task too. The easiest way to do is to automate everything but don’t you think it will make your business vulnerable to cyber attacks too? What if someone hacks into your enterprise network? AI/Automation is need of hour but it is challenging at the same time too.

Upskilling: The pace at which technology is changing, it becomes more important to be relevant and I personally believe that for being relevant you are as responsible as your employer. Don’t forget to invest in your skills while investing in stock market.

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Agile: Agile has become new buzz words since a decade and it might go on for upcoming decades too. In the race of becoming agile, companies need to understand the meaning of ‘Agile’ for them. Companies has to understand what it costs to be called as ‘smart company’, ‘a lean company’ and ‘an agile company’. It can cost more for the business if a framework or method is adopted just because every other company is adopting those frameworks. Value and cost of earning that value has to be balanced.

Retain Resources: Opportunities for skilled resources are plently and it becomes a challenging task for company to retain the skilled and quality brains. It is also difficult to find quality resources for operations and new technology. Companies are adapting multiple ways to connect with resources and retain them. Inspite of all efforts, I would still term it as challenging task.

Work environment and Infrastructure: Companies are investing heavily on having a quality work environment and with modern infrastructure they have succeeded to an extent. With the increase in company size and scale, keeping relevant infrastructure and quality environment is challenging too.

What’s the biggest challenge for your company?

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