Top 5 Mistakes to avoid at NextGen workplace!

I usually hear from Mr. X that Y did a mistake and he should have not reacted in a certain way. Y is not only arrogant but also thinks he will fake it and make it. Trust me! if you lie today, you will be caught tomorrow. In this article I have tried to write what most of you go through and face in your day to day life and how avoiding these mistakes can make your professional life peaceful and rewarding.

  1. Backstabbing: According to Domeyer’s firm research, 31% of surveyed employees felt that their colleague tried to malign their image and job. Backstabbing and office politics is very common these days and what differentiates you from the rest of the crowd is how you deal with these backstabbers. The first thing to do, maintain a professional relationship with all. Backstabbers come in different forms, few try to pull you down and pass on comments to make you feel bad. Few are idea and credit thieves, who take away the glory and opportunities while few of them are good in blaming. Then comes the drama makers who love to make scenes out of every situation and spread rumor and believe in divide and rule.
  2. Don’t think you know everything: There are few arrogant colleagues who everyone have come across who think they know everything and they can do everything. Never forget that there is always something to learn from everyone. Keep your eyes and ears open for learning. Don’t let the ego come between you and your knowledge gap.
  3. Don’t let professional differences affect your personal relationships: You are at your workplace to do the business and that business should only confine within the meeting room and in an office building. It should not affect your personal tie-ups. I often see people reacting too much personally and revengeful attitude coming out of professional disagreements. That not only shows a lack of maturity but can also lead to serious consequences if both stakeholders take everything personally.
  4. Strike the balance between personal and professional talks: Often while having a conversation at workplace avoid commenting on someone’s looks, race, and personal life. Even while cracking jokes, make sure you do not heart any sentiments.
  5. Don’t get too emotional: One thing that differentiates humans is the expression of emotions. Watch your words and feelings when you are getting too much aggressive and emotional in meetings. It is business and let it run like a business. Take help from your subordinates and manager if things are beyond your control There is no harm in asking for help.

According to Domeyer’s firm research, 31% of surveyed employees felt that their colleague tried to malign their image and job.

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