Top 5 Mobile Security Threats: Are you secured enough?

I am used to checking my workplace phone frequently for emails and business transactions. Internet accessibility and heavy usage of smartphones make mobile devices more vulnerable. Sensitive data in email and workplace mobile apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. are not safe anymore. There are high chances that the data stored in the mobile can go in the wrong hands. Being informed is the only way to be secured in the cyber world. I have gathered the top 5 threats related to Mobile Security that you should be aware of. Let’s explore them one by one.
  1. Hidden Apps: When I say hidden apps that means, the apps that are not published on Play Store or App Store. According to a report published by McAfee, TimpDoor Malware attacked mobile users by connecting them via text messages. Fake Apps might have a similar layout, graphics, and design. They can trick you in downloading and then getting access to your mobile phone. Install apps from only official App companies and never rely on companies you have never heard of.
  2. Data theft/Leakage: According to research done by Ponemon, there is a 28% chance of getting an incident in the next 2 years. Knowingly or unknowingly, accidental disclosure can lead to heavy loss to the company and may affect the brand image too. Data loss prevention tools can help to a great extent for data protection and limit the exposure of sensitive data. Do not grant access to all mobile apps for access to your contacts, media, emails, location, maps, etc. Keep the access limited to the usage of that particular app.
  3. The lure of FREE Wifi: Often getting free Wifi excites few mobile users and they connect their mobile without re-thinking, if you are one of them, then pay attention. Wandera research reports that corporate mobile phones use Wi-Fi thrice as much as they use cellular data. One-fourth of the devices are connected to public WiFi and 4% of the devices were attacked. Such attacks are also often termed as Man in the Middle Attack. McAfee reported that still, 50% of mobile users rely on public WiFi while traveling.
  4. Cryptomining: Digital Currencies has been in news for a while for the obvious reasons- Easy Money! Cyber Criminals have found an easy way too. McAfee reports that there are more than 600 malicious apps in 20 apps stores related to Cryptocurrency. App Store and Play store are proactively working to remove such malicious apps but there is no way to stop the threat from the users who have already installed them. These apps not only affects your processor but also can damage your batteries enough to get overheated and implode.
  5. Hijacking the Voice: According to reports, there are more than 25 million voice assistant devices already in use and number is expected to go above 275 Million in next 5 years making the devices more targeted for cyber attacks due to easy to guess passwords and loose internet security tied to these devices. These devices have access to your home and certainly everything inside the house and to your digital wallets too. These attackers mainly target users for ransom in exchange for property or reputation threats.
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